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Audio Baseus L56 Lightning adapter for 3.5mm Jack and Lightning (silver)


1 in stock

1 in stock

Information Table
Manufacturer Baseus
Name 2-in-1 iP Male to iP 3.5mm Female Adapter L56
Product code CALL56-0A
Compatibility iPhone devices with iOS 10 and higher
Current intensity Max 2.0 A
Color Dull, matt
EAN: 6953156294103

Product description

2in1 Baseus adapters

The audio adapter is a splitter for headphones and charger to listen to music and charge the phone battery at the same time. It was designed for newer versions of smartphones, which unfortunately do not have a popular headphone jack. The adapter is a great solution to make this problem disappear. So you can listen to the music while charging. It is made of high quality zinc alloy resistant to any minor damage. It is also equipped with a stylish charging indicator.

Many possibilities

Two options allow you to connect different headphones to the 3.5 mm and lightning input. It is an excellent choice for those who do not want to invest in new headphones that cannot be connected while charging. The 2in1 design is very well suited to the task, it is practical and solid. It is a strong cable with a durable nylon braided cable. Moreover, it increases the range and maneuverability, because only a small plug is connected to the smartphone.

Hi-Fi transmission

Built-in decoding system enables the adapter to transmit audio data from the phone extremely fast and constant. This guarantees less noise and a clean flow. Both listening to music and talking on the phone using headphones, the highest level of sound is ensured. It is fully compatible with iPhone devices with a system of 10 and higher.

Robust design

Created with the highest quality copper wires in mind, they allow for extremely fast and strong transmission. The whole device is made of zinc alloy, which ensures resistance to oxidation and corrosion. The cable has strong and durable plugs resistant to abrasion. Even after many connections they will still be smooth and securely plugged into the ports. Connecting the cable to the plug is the place most vulnerable to damage. It has therefore been doubly reinforced to avoid damage.

Innovative design

The zinc alloy housing is characterized not only by antioxidants and avoidance of rust, but also a sensational appearance. Lightweight, small and extremely durable – the adapter weighs only a few grams and has small dimensions, also its transport is virtually problem-free and it fits perfectly with other devices. During charging the LED lights up, which makes it easy to control whether the adapter and charger are properly connected. Moreover, it positively affects the appearance as a modern detail.

Impressive details

The adapter also takes care of the phone and the battery. Improved smart charging technology prevents overcharging of the smartphone, guarantees a stable power connection and helps to extend the battery life. You don’t have to worry about damaging your device while charging. The Plug and Play function allows you to use your device right away, without losing time. The adapter is suitable for watching movies, playing or listening to music on headphones while quickly charging the device via 2A inputs.



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