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Baseus DGZH-02 Smart Eye opvouwbare bureaulamp met touch panel (wit)


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1 in stock

Information Table
Merk Baseus
Model DGZH-02
Material ABS + stop aluminum
Color White
Light source LED
Number of LED lamp beads 108 pcs
Rated power 21 W
Power factor 0.5
Adapter input 220 V~ / 50 Hz
Desk lamp input DC 12V 1.5 A
Interface type DC interface
Color temperature 4000 K
Color rendering index Ra ≥ 97
Luminous flux >800 lm
Central illuminance 2200 Lux
Illuminance level AA level
Operating temperature -10°~40° C
Net weight 555g (include an adapter)
EAN: 9668573569945

Product description

Baseus Smart Eye

The Smart Eye lamp is a functional device with a modern finish. A wide range of interesting applications facilitates visibility in all conditions. It will certainly prove useful as an additional lighting while taking pictures, but also as an office lamp or night lamp. Adjustable design allows you to adjust the appropriate height, depending on your needs. The light has a uniform, naturally bright shade, without causing an exaggerated effect.

Intelligent ambient recognition

The technology and built-in components and sensors effectively recognize incoming ambient light to adjust the correct brightness through a progressive chip. With automatic adjustment, as evening approaches, a dark room can quickly change its decor, greatly reducing the strain on your eyesight. Conversely, during the day, if you are in a well-lit room, the lamp reduces the intensity.

Forget the blue light

An adjusted light source is an important aspect to protect your eyesight. The correct setting definitely improves the visual experience and does not cause discomfort. Let yourself relax pleasantly while reading your favorite book by it. What’s more, the lamp can also accompany you during long hours of playing on the computer, being responsible for an additional source of light, reflecting reflections from the monitor.

Fabulous ease of use

The main light is controlled by touching the brightness bar. The adjustment starts at 5% level and ends at 99%, without any unnecessary stepping effect. To change the setting, with just a movement of one hand, you can change the intensity of the light source to your preference in an instant. In addition, the bi-directional design allows you to quickly select the required lamp height.

No strobing effect

The practical surface creates a larger area of illumination with a soft and gentle light, without a visual strobe effect. This means your eyesight won’t have to strain to get used to the light at night. The honeycomb top of the device has anti-glare properties and does not contribute to eye pain.

Stylish design

The whole thing was designed with every user in mind. The smart eye lamp is distinguished by an interesting, yet functional design and extremely careful workmanship. The built-in pen holder will help you keep your desk tidy and organized. The white coating gives an elegant, minimalist look, complementing a tastefully decorated interior.


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