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Baseus Neck-Mounted Lazy Bracket houder voor telefoons en tablets 4-10″ (wit)


1 in stock

1 in stock

Information Table
Brand Baseus
Name New Neck-Mounted Lazy Bracket
Model SUJG-ALR02
Color White
Mounting method Neck, flat surface, waistband
Compatibility Most 4-10″ mobile devices
EAN: 6953156286047

Product description

Baseus SUJG-ALR02 flexible phone holder

With the Baseus SUJG-ALR02 phone or small tablet holder you can watch movies even more comfortably. Its flexible, adjustable design allows you to use it in many ways – for example, you can hang it around your neck or place it on the table top. You can forget about neck pain and discomfort. Pleasant to the touch and durable – gives your devices a stable grip. The holder is compatible with smartphones from 4-10 inches.

Many application possibilities

The bendable design of the product allows you to use it in countless ways. Customize it to your needs and watch movies in comfort. Hang it around your neck, fasten it around your waist or simply put it on your desk. Is your child bored during a long trip? Mount the holder on the car seat and turn on a cartoon! You can also use the accessory to record vlogs, for example.

Exceptional convenience

The place where the handle touches your neck is extra protected with high-quality, skin-friendly, breathable and shock-resistant foam. This ensures that the accessory does not put pressure on you or cause discomfort. So you can watch your favorite TV series for hours – no risk of pain or fatigue!


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