Baseus Bright Mirror 3-in-1 kabel USB Voor M+L+T 3.5A 1.2m (blauw)

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Baseus Bright Mirror 3-in-1 kabel USB Voor M+L+T 3.5A 1.2m (blauw)

Baseus Bright Mirror 3-in-1 kabel USB Voor M+L+T 3.5A 1.2m (blauw)


Op Voorraad

Op Voorraad

NameBright Mirror One-for-three Retractable Data Cable
MaterialAluminum alloy + TPE
Transmission RateiP/480 MB/s
LengthUp to 1.2 m
OutputMicro USB + Lightning + USB-C
EAN: 6953156208513

Adjustable length USB cable from Baseus

The cable supports 3.5A total charge and 480Mbps data transfer (on Lightning connector only). CAMLT-MJ03 is made for long and heavy use. The cable is flat, flexible and resistant to breakage. The product will definitely come in handy for people who own devices from different manufacturers. In addition, you can charge 3 devices at the same time with the cable.

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Durable plugs resist abrasion and oxidation, so even after extended use, they’ll plug securely into ports. This flat cable is extremely flexible, resistant to damage, and convenient to store. The connection between the cable and the plug has been further reinforced to prevent breakage. In addition, the cable has a built-in organizer that allows you to adjust the cable in 5 different lengths: 120 cm, 110 cm, 80 cm, 60 cm and 35 cm. All you have to do is pull the cable from both sides. The metal round frame and mirror texture guarantee the highest quality and elegant look.

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Using smart charging technology, the cable protects your device from overcharging, overdischarging, overvoltage, overheating, overcurrent, short circuit and electromagnetic field, protecting the device you are charging and the battery. The cable is compatible with devices with Lightning connector, e.g. iPhone 11/8/7, etc.; USB-C connector, for example Samsung Galaxy S20, Huawei P40, Xiaomi Mi Note 10, etc; and Micro USB connection. The product does not support fast charging protocols.

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