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Baseus desktop bracket for smartphone/tablet (rose gold)

Baseus desktop bracket for smartphone/tablet (rose gold)


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Op Voorraad

Product Baseus
Model Literary youth desktop bracket
Product code SUWY-0R
Material Aluminium + silicone
Color Rose Gold
Size 101,34 x 101,34 x 190,99 mm
EAN: 6953156288027

Multifunctional Bracket for Mobile Device

The grip is designed for phones and tablets. It increases the comfort of use while browsing the Internet or watching movies. Aluminium alloy and silicone ensure not only has long durability but also safety for the device. The position of the handle can be adjusted vertically up to 35 degrees, allowing you to adjust the position to your needs, and the non-slip feet ensure a stable position. The integrated cable holder allows an orderly cable feed for charging the device. Using the cradle allows you to assume the correct position, so that you do not lean too far, not hump. This allows to prevent incorrect body position as well as the resulting pain and other inconveniences.



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