Kabel USB-C naar Lightning Baseus Legend Series, PD, 20W, 1m (blauw)

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Kabel USB-C naar Lightning Baseus Legend Series, PD, 20W, 1m (blauw)

Kabel USB-C naar Lightning Baseus Legend Series, PD, 20W, 1m (blauw)


Op Voorraad

Op Voorraad

Materialzinc alloy + nylon braided wire
Power20W (PD), compatible with PD 18W
Transmission speed480Mbps
Input interfaceUSB-C
Output interfaceiP
CompatibilityFast charging (PD 20W)
EAN: 6953156209275

Baseus USB-C to Lightning Cable

The cable provides fast charging for Apple devices. You will also use CACS000203 for data transmission. It is made of high quality materials, so it is resistant to damage. The 90° design allows you to use your phone comfortably while charging, and the blue indicator signals the process of energy renewal. A special chip protects your device’s battery from overcharging and guarantees its safety.


Fast charging

Baseus brand product guarantees fast charging thanks to 20W Power Delivery protocol. As a result, it will take only 30min to renew 60% of the iPhone 12’s energy. The cable also provides a stable connection, so you can play your favorite games while charging or use navigation without worry.


Fast file transmission

With CACS000203 you can not only charge your device quickly, but also transfer files. The cable guarantees data transmission speed of 480Mbps. This means you can transfer a 1Gb file in just 24 seconds. In addition, you can transfer data while charging your phone or tablet.



The copper cable provides good conductivity and allows fast and safe charging. In addition, the nylon finish makes the cable resistant to bending and cracking. The zinc alloy elbow is resistant to rust and oxidation, and the Velcro will allow you to store the product conveniently.


Safely charges your device

The cable is equipped with a chip that takes care of stable charging and prevents your device from overcharging. As a result, your phone’s battery is protected and its life is extended. In addition, the zinc alloy elbow effectively dissipates heat, so your device does not overheat, maintaining a constant charging speed.



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