UGREEN Hub USB-C naar HDMI, 2x USB 3.0, USB-C PD 3.0, RJ45 adapter (grijs)

UGREEN Hub USB-C naar HDMI, 2x USB 3.0, USB-C PD 3.0, RJ45 adapter (grijs)


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Geen Voorraad

Multifunctional HUB 5in1


The multifunctional HUB UGREEN with its unique design not only guarantees excellent heat dissipation, but is also designed for laptops, smartphones or tablets. The ideal accessory for all those who need more ports in their mobile devices. A gadget that allows you to connect flash drives, external drives and other peripherals when all USB ports in our equipment are already occupied.

USB 3.2 Gen 1 power
Among the ports offered by the port splitter, 2 are USB 3.2 Gen 1 connectors that guarantee instant data transmission at 5 Gbps. It is 10 times faster than its predecessor.

Power Delivery Charging


The USB-C port ensures very fast charging of your device with the Power Delivery standard.

Expand your capabilities


The HDMI port allows you to connect a projector or TV to your computer, which will provide you with a true cinematic experience while watching movies at home. And thanks to the support for the 4K standard, the video you play will be presented in excellent quality.

Fast data transfer


The built-in network card allows you to connect an Internet cable to a computer that does not have such a connector. It works in Gigabit Ethernet standard, 1000 Mbps.

High performance


Each connector is controlled by a separate chip managing its functions. Such a solution guarantees the highest performance of the accessory regardless of the number of devices connected to it.

Excellent signal quality


You can easily connect a wireless mouse or keyboard to the splitter. The signal will be as stable as when connecting the equipment directly to the computer. You can forget about the delays.

Compact and manufactured from high quality materials


The Hub weighs only about 120 grams and has dimensions comparable to a smartphone with a 6-inch screen, so its transportation is virtually problem-free. Moreover, it is made of high quality materials (aluminum casing + strong ABS), which make it really hard to damage.


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Manufacturer UGREEN
Model CM287
Product code 70508
Input USB-C
Ports HDMI, 2x USB 3.0, USB-C PD 3.0, RJ45
Image resolution 4K UHD@30 Hz
PD power supply 100W
USB 3.0 data transfer 5Gbps
Color Silver
Material Stop aluminium
Size 122 mm x 38,5 mm x 11,3 mm
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