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PetKit Rugzak Voor Katten En Kleine Honden Met Ventilatie- En Verlichtingssysteem


1 in stock

1 in stock

Information Table
Merk PetKit
Model Evertravel
Kleur wit
Afmetingen 33x30x45cm
Gewicht 1,4 kg
Materiaal ABS
Voeding 5V DC (powerbank niet inbegrepen)
EAN: 2584029484716

Product description

PetKit Evertravel Travel Backpack

Explore the world with your pet. Designed for cats and small dogs, the PetKit Evertravel backpack features a large window so your pet can see what’s going on outside at all times. The intelligent ventilation system ensures that your pet will feel comfortable. You can also manually adjust the speed of the air. The product also offers soft lighting that you can switch on as needed. The backpack is extremely lightweight and comfortable, yet durable. Note: a powerbank with USB cable (not included) is required for the ventilation and lighting system to work properly.


Window to the world

Now your pet can comfortably watch what’s going on around you as you visit more interesting places together. The Evertravel backpack has a large window built in, through which many pets will enjoy looking at the world. Its window has been tinted to prevent glare and make your pet more comfortable while traveling.


Created for your pet

The PetKit Evertravel Backpack is designed for cats and small dogs weighing up to 8kg. It features removable padding that provides your pet with stability and incredible comfort. Side pockets allow you to store small items – such as treats for your pet. The wide bottom of the backpack provides your pet with more space and allows them to move freely.


Advanced ventilation system

You don’t have to worry about your pet running out of fresh air. The backpack is equipped with multiple vent holes, a fan, and the advanced Coanda Effect ventilation system. It also has a precise temperature sensor to control it automatically. Thanks to this your pet will feel comfortable! You can also manually adjust the airflow speed. Note: to use the ventilation system, an additional powerbank is required (not included).


Additional lighting

Happen to travel at night? Evertravel backpack will be a perfect choice for you! The product is equipped with a small lamp, which will allow you to provide your pet with light in every situation. It will also allow you to keep an eye on your pet even after dark. Turning on the light is very easy and fast. When you turn on the light, the inside of the backpack will be illuminated gradually so as not to frighten your resting pet. Note: to turn on the light, you need to connect the backpack to a powerbank (not included).


Durable and comfortable

This unique backpack will serve you well for a long time. It was made of excellent quality materials, which are incredibly durable and resistant to damage. It is not afraid of your pet’s teeth and claws! Despite so high durability backpack is also surprisingly comfortable. It weighs only about 1.4kg and is distinguished by a thoughtful, ergonomic design. Breathable mesh on the back and specially designed straps provide unparalleled carrying comfort. What’s more, the metal feet allow you to place the backpack firmly on the floor, so you don’t have to worry about it tipping over!



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